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New from Mike Rose Hobbies!

Lehigh Valley (plus DL&W, Erie, CNJ, O&W and many other railroads) concrete phone booths in HO, S and O scale.

We believe this to be the most accurate version of this item ever offered.   It's based on very careful measurements I made of a Lehigh Valley RR booth produced by the C. F. Massey Company and still standing next to an abandoned branch-line near Bernice, PA.    Jim Lincoln did the CAD drawings from my measurements, and we are offering them as 3D printed models, unpainted in white.   All are offered with no door, since it would be too thin to print.  Either make your own from styrene or wood, or leave it open for an abandoned look!  The possible variations are shown as follows:

HO scale no smoke jack, printed with WSF material and representing a bit of a weathered concrete appearance.

HO Scale Model 87-NSJ6, $ 14.95 ea., or 5 for $55.

S-Scale Model 64-NSJ6, $ 18.50 ea., or 5 for $70.

O-Scale Model 48-NSJ6, $ 37.00 ea., or 5 for $140

HO scale with smoke jack, printed in FUD material and representing newer concrete, while still having texture.   Smoke jack is part of roof.

HO scale with smoke jack (Elevated View), printed in FUD material and representing newer concrete, while still having texture.   Smoke jack is part of roof.

HO Scale Model 87-SJ6, $15.95 ea., or 5 for $60

S- Scale Model 64-SJ6, $19.95 ea., or 5 for $78

O-Scale Model 48-SJ6, $ 39.95 ea., or 5 for $156

What you get (shown partially painted): Remove roof and smoke jack from sprue, invert booth, press fit after painting interior if desired.

               Prototype shot in Bernice, PA

To order:  e-mail to "" and I will get back to you with a delivered total, thanks!

Be sure to include the quantity desired and your full shipping address along with method of payment.   We accept check, credit card & Pay Pal.  Shipping via insured UPS Ground Track or USPS Priority Mail.

You may also use the shopping cart as usual to buy whatever quantity you like.   Please note that I will adjust the shipping charges to the correct amount and refund any overages at time of shipping, thanks!


Prototype example showing replacement door.

Prototype Lehigh Valley Booth showing the yellow reflective stripe that LV applied to much of their line side structures.


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