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New Etched Brass Items:

      2-Pipe Industrial Railings

There are five railings per fret, and the price per fret is $31.95.
For that you get nearly 50" of railing, or over 360 HO scale feet!

The railings easily and cleanly separate into five pieces as shown below:

Should you not wish to have the curved end, that end can easily be trimmed off.  The railings join easiy with CA for a decent bond, Cypox (for a very good bond), or soldering (for a truly rugged bond).  
Please note also that there is a smaller, mounting leg at the bottom of each upright.  This greatly assists in installing the railings.  I just drill a #73 or #72 hole.  

A few examples of them used on some of my structures is shown below:

The above railings are already glued in place and have been painted.  

Since they are brass, they can easily be curved and will hold that curve as shown un-painted below:

More pictures of these installed on my own projects can be viewed starting here:

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

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