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New HO Scale Detail Parts 

from Mike Rose Hobbies!

These new parts represent never before offered or greatly improved items available exclusively through MRH.
Please scroll down to view the various offerings.   We will also consider production of other parts if you have a concept in mind, please contact us directly.

Diaphragm Bumper

Back in stock!

This bumper was applied to NYC Geeps above the draft gear, and was used to
press up against the diaphragms on passenger cars to keep them in place.
Price is $6.95 per pair, sold in pairs.
Item is made from high quality resin, actual part shown.

ATS Shoe

Back in stock!

In addition to another view of the bumper part shown in the above left,
we also offer a quality ATS shoe and generator as shown in the middle
and right hand images.   These were used in a variety of applications
including but not limited to NYC equipment. 
Pricing is also $6.95 for a package of two (plus a spare cylinder).

A view of the shoe itself installed on a Proto 2000 GP-7 by Jim Six
is shown below.  The installed bumper part is visible if you look carefully,
off to the right off the pilot.

To order:  Please use the shopping cart on this site for either or both parts.
   If you have any questions or issues please feel free to drop me a line, and suggestions for
other parts are most welcome!  You can access that spot directly by clicking here:  https://www.mrhobby.com/store.php/MikeRoseHobbies/ct104907/detail_partslocomotive_ho