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Railflyer Model Prototypes
DP 6001 GMDD GP 4-step early version
DP 6003 GMDD GP 4-step late version
DP 6005 GMDD GP 3-step early version
DP 6008 GMDD SD 3-step initial version
DP 6009 GMDD SD 3-step early version
DP 6010 GMDD SD 3-step mid version
DP 6014 EMD GP D2 Standard Production Steps
DP 6050 EMD Pilot rounded corners no lift cutouts
DP 6052 EMD Pilot notched corners no lift cutouts
DP 6055 EMD Pilot notched corners low lift cutouts
DP 6056 EMD Pilot notched corners no lift/train line cutouts
DP 6061 GMDD Pilot CNR GP 3-step
DP 6067 GMDD Pilot CPR SD modified
DP 6103 GMDD SD-40-2 tread plate with anti-climber
DP 6110 EMD GP-38-2/40-2 Tread Plate 88 inch nose
DP 6123 EMD/GMDD Post 1st. generation radiator grills
DP 6128 EMD SD D2 Tread 81 inch wide 6015/6022
DP 6154 GP Wide Cab Electrical Box
DP 6156 GP Wide Cab Brake Wheel Assembly
DP 6161 GP Wide Snow Shields
DP 6162 SD Wide Snow Shields
DP 6401 Side Sills GP C4:E4/5
DP 6413 Side Sills C5/6:E6 late
DP 6640 GMDD Lampshade Ditch Lights
MK 4013 GMDD Wide Cab (North American Safety Cab)
MK-4013 EMD/GMDD 43'6" Wheelbase Frame/Walkway Module Side Sills
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